Despite the Supreme Court ruling last term that medical marijuana use violates federal law, even in states which have legalized usage for medicinal purposes, Colorado police are returning two ounces of marijuana to Timothy Haas, a medical user from whom it was seized.

An officer found the marijuana during a security check when Haas was visiting his brother at a Denver hospital a few weeks ago, [lawyer Robert] Corry said. Haas showed the officer a copy of his doctor’s recommendation that he use marijuana, but the officer confiscated the drug. Corry said he then began negotiating with the city attorney’s office to have the marijuana released.

No charges were filed against Mr. Hass.

Corry said Haas is believed to be the first Coloradan to have medical marijuana returned since the ruling. “It’s a message to people that Colorado’s medical marijuana program is valid and viable,” Corry said.

Word of caution: If you are going to be out and about with your medically permissible stash, make sure you have your state-issued permit with you.