Apparently there is a serial burglar on the loose in Frederick, Colo. From

The Frederick Police Department believes the man who burglarized three homes early Monday morning may be a serial burglar who has hit homes throughout the north metro area. They believe the burglar’s spree was cut short early Monday after he entered a home and was confronted by a woman who screamed at him – causing him to run off. The man was described as 5 feet, 10 inches tall, and was wearing a ski mask. Police believe he may be the suspect in a string of burglaries in nearby Firestone last month, and perhaps dozens more throughout the area.

The good news is that since the burglar has robbed three homes in Frederick, police only need to stake out one more home in town to wait for him to strike again. Okay, so Frederick probably isn’t that small, but how big does a town need to be before you can say you have a “serial” burglar and not just a “burglar”? If you have a town of five people, and somebody kills two of them, do you have a serial killer since nearly half of the town is dead? Can you be a serial bank robber if a town only has two banks and you rob both of them?