An evening at Cracovia, an upscale Polish restaurant located just off Wadsworth Parkway in Westminster, should begin with an authentic, herbaceous sip of the Polish Cocktail (Bison Grass vodka, honey liqueur, and apple juice).

From there, move to the house-made kielbasa sausage or a plate of pierogi, scalloped half-moon dumplings filled with cheese, meat, cabbage, and mushrooms and topped with caramelized onions. (Order the combination plate for a taste of all nine fillings.) If you’ve never had pierogi, think ravioli—only much heartier and without the sauce.

Don’t miss: The gorgeous beet soup—it’s light, brothy, studded with potato cubes, and swirled with tangy sour cream—or, for dessert, the blueberry pierogi with sweet sour cream.

8121 W. 94th Ave., Westminster, 303-484-9388