Who knew Denver had an ordinance that limited political yard signs to “only one sign per candidate or issue per street frontage.” Or that it’s unconstitutional?

No matter. Just in time for election season, the ordinance is about to be changed. A “first reading” of the proposed amendment will be held July 14 at the City Council.

Under a proposed amendment to the city’s sign ordinance, residents will be allowed to put up as many political and noncommercial signs as they want for as long as they want….”The bottom line is that we can’t restrict what they want to say or who they want to support,” said Kerry Buckey, an assistant city attorney.

While there will be no limit to the number of signs you and your neighbors can put in your yards, there will be some other limiters:

Signs can’t flash, blink or fluctuate. They can’t be bigger than 5 square feet, and the sign can’t exceed 6 feet tall, among other conditions, Buckey said.