At long last, Election Day is upon us. Starting Wednesday, we’ll never again have to hear, read, or talk about politics.

If only. But seriously, here’s what you need to know in Denver:

For the non-mailers: If you’ve waited until November 6 to vote, this link will tell you where you need to go to cast your ballot.

For the undecided: I’ve tracked down the most rational, cogent endorsements I could find for President Obama and Governor Romney—the key words are “rational” and “cogent”—and this site summarizes their respective positions on a variety of issues.

For those concerned about our state: Here is a roundup of the various initiatives on the Colorado ballot, including arguments for and against each of them.

For the play-by-play: Our friends at Westword have compiled a list of places in and around Denver to watch the returns and either whoop it up or drown your sorrows.

For the numbers junkies: Apropos of those results, how much might they be affected—particularly in a tightly contested swing state like Colorado—by the mostly under-the-radar candidacy of Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson? You might be surprised.

Finally, a wish (or three): That this election produces a clear result by Wednesday morning, that both sides respond to the outcome with class and dignity, and that we carry over the lessons we’ve learned this time into the next election season—which, unfortunately, begins about five minutes after Inauguration Day.

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