Rasmussen Political Reports has a new poll up on Colorado’s Governor’s race. Mayor John Hickenlooper is way ahead of all the Republican candidates, while Bill Ritter is almost even with Beauprez and behind Holtzman.

Matched against Republican Congressman Bob Beauprez, Hickenlooper leads 43% to 38% in our survey of 500 likely voters. Matched against University of Denver President Marc Holtzman, Hickenlooper leads more comfortably, 46% to 36%.

No other Democrat pursuing the nomination currently does as well. Former Denver district attorney Bill Ritter is neck and neck with Beauprez. Ritter narrowly trails Holtzman, 39% to 35%.

Democratic State Representative Gary Lindstrom has the most ground to cover. He trails Beauprez 43% to 32% and trails Holtzman 39% to 31%.

Ritter still has a strong showing, and it’s early, but the numbers must be troubling for him. What’s the reason? Are people that concerned about his personal views on abortion? Where’s the bump for picking a pro-choice running mate?