The Hotline is a subscription feature of the National Journal. Over at Soapblox Colorado, blogger Pacified has this news of a poll that is behind the subscription wall. It shows promise for gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter — particularly over Republican contendor Bob Beauprez:

I got a “hot lead” from a “little birdie” who has a subscription to Hotline. It’s got some poll numbers, and they surprised the hell out of me:

If the election were held today, who would you vote for: (8/19-8/24)

Bill Ritter 44%
Bob Beauprez 42%
Undec/Other 14%

…. There were other interesting numbers in the survey Ritter is up 45%-42% in CD-7 (the seat Beauprez is leaving), but down 39%-48% in CD-4 (where Paccione is challenging Musgrave). The GOP seems to be more fractured than the Dems, with 15% of GOoPs support Ritter, and only 8% of Dems going for Beauprez. Ritter is winning Independents 44%-35% and is cleaning up with Latinos, scoring a 70%-24% lead over Beauprez. Perhaps polls like these are why the GOP hopefuls have started to make some noise. Ritter hasn’t even thrown a punch and already they’re down.