The forest of cranes sprouting up over luxury apartment projects in Denver demonstrates that we know how to grow more than craft breweries. But nothing ruins fancy digs faster than Fido’s squishy souvenirs. That’s why many upscale residential communities have turned to PooPrints, a kind of canine CSI program offered by Tennessee-based Biotech Pet Vet Labs that ensures properties pass the literal sniff test. When residents with dogs move into a building, Spot gets a quick cheek swab for DNA. Then, if there’s untended pet waste on the property, the owners or managers can send a sample (eww) to PooPrints, which uses DNA technology to identify the offending pooch. The residential community decides how to handle the infraction, but typically it’s a fine. Denver is one of the program’s hottest markets, thanks to our love of pups. PooPrints has already expanded to 50 properties in the metro area, including the newly complete 1000 S Broadway. “Once this program is in place, we see about 70 to 80 percent reduction in waste,” says Sam Johnson, PooPrints’ local distributor. Now that’s what we call clearing the air.