This is going to sound strange coming from me. However, I need to know if anyone has any ideas about what to do with an injured pigeon who has made my backyard its refuge. (Putting it out of its misery is NOT an option for me, so please don’t bother suggesting that.) Something terrible happened to it — my small backyard is full of feathers, and the sad little bird is missing all of its tail feathers and a lot of its wing feathers. It can’t fly, and therefore seems to be stuck inside my privacy fence, making it my responsibility, the way I see it. So far I haven’t tried to do anything to it other than put out water and food. I’m such a softie. I hate pigeons in general — they try to roost on my front porch and I’ve had to put up anti-roost spikes and wire off some of the cozier-looking areas in the rafters. But I just can’t look at this poor beat-up bird and not help it. So. I called the Dumb Friends League, and left a message for the Wild Birds Rescue, to no avail. At the risk of gaining a pet pigeon, does anyone have a suggestion as to what to do?