By now, Denver has probably figured out that a national party convention is all about intellectual discourse and drinking, and not necessarily in that order. With that in mind, we asked Geeks Who Drink, the pub quiz for “beer-soaked nerds” at bars in Denver and elsewhere, to gather some trivia on the convention. John Dicker, quizmaster-in-chief, came through with a challenging and snarky offering, so grab a beer and belly up. (Answers after the jump.) An Obligatory Round on Obama and the DNC 1. Remember when John Kerry didn’t win in 2004. Maybe it had something to do with his acceptance speech when he said, “I’m John Kerry and I’m BLANK.” 2. Name the Denver-based organization that’s leading several pointless protest marches with a disciplined message of, uh, death to whitey? Che Guevara t-shirts for all? Ward Churchill isn’t a crackpot? 3. Remember the last Democratic National Convention? Neither do we. What city was it in? 4. What’s the five-word slogan of the Obama campaign? 5. Yes, Governor Bill Ritter will be boring 72,000 people when he speaks at Invesco on Thursday night. But besides him and Obama… Who is the other big gun Democrat speaking that night? 6. Those in Obama’s inner circle of campaign staff often call him “No BLANK Obama.” Hint: it rhymes… 7. True or False: Since 1984, the presidential candidate with the bigger bounce in the polls after their party’s convention has gone on to win the election. 8. Amazing that the Democrats are often tagged as elitist when John McCain had to check with his staff to answer a question about how many BLANK he and his wife own? Bonus: This Christian populist was the Democratic candidate when Denver last held the convention in 1908… Name him.

1. “Reporting for duty”
2. Recreate ’68
3. Boston
4. Change We Can Believe In
5. Al Gore
6. Drama
7. True
8. Homes (and the answer is eight)
Bonus: William Jennings Bryan