yarnFor years my female friends have held a weekly knitting circle. I am excited to finally join, and a few of the ladies have caught me up on what to expect.

The first rule, I’ve learned, is that it’s more about the community than it is about the crafting. They rotate houses and trade off on potluck dishes. There has been, and is, a lot of wine. These women have knitted through a lot: the group’s first divorce, a few new marriages, and three fantastic babies.

While I’m looking forward to starting a few projects myself (obviously, we’re in need of baby blankets), I’m more looking forward to spending time weaving myself closer to my friends.

If you’re looking for your own knitting group, Posh Yarn Boutique, though it’s soon to be going to an online format for its sales, will be continuing its “Stitch Therapy” group, which is held on Thursday nights from 6 to 9 p.m.. Call Posh for more information on its rescheduled crafting group.

4321 Tennyson St., 720-855-0485

*This post was updated at 3 p.m. to reflect new information.