Talk of Carmelo Anthony leaving the Denver Nuggets has dominated the off-season rumor mill, and things are only intensifying as next week’s training camp approaches.

The New York Post claims Melo’s agent is pushing a trade before training camp, but others are saying that there should be no rush. Yahoo! Sports says Melo’s agents and other team executives are increasing the pressure to trade Anthony and trying to force the Nuggets’ young front office into making a rash decision. “If they do [trade Melo], it’s a self-imposed panic,” one rival team executive tells Yahoo! “I don’t know if there’s anyone strong enough to stand up.”

So far, Melo continues to leave a three-year, $65 million contract extension offer from Denver on the table. The most talked about teams for a trade are the New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks, and Chicago Bulls, but there isn’t a deal that’s appealing to the Nuggets right now. The Chicago deal is complicated by the Bulls not wanting to include center Joakim Noah (via the Chicago Sun-Times), and the Knicks deal may not work because the Nuggets want at least a first-round draft pick and the Knicks don’t have one to trade until 2014. The Denver Post wrote yesterday that the Houston Rockets are now in the mix, but the Post said later in the day that any deal being discussed faces hurdles.