There’s no question that back-to-school means bright, shiny backpacks and new lunchboxes, but it should also mean a pantry overhaul. This Back-To-School Top 10 List, developed by Broomfield-based Horizon and Dr. Alan Greene, a noted pediatrician and organic nutrition expert, is a good guide to kid-friendly, power-packed foods.

More than a shopping list, this primer includes great tips on why products like Rudi’s organic 14-Grain bread provide energy-producing fuel (just three slices contain the entire daily recommended allowance of whole grains), as well as tips for feeding picky eaters. Aside from the obvious plug for Horizon milk, one of our other favorite components is the “lunchbox randomizer,” which offers tips on inspired lunch combos.

Bonus: Check out Dr. Greene’s recommendations for performance-enhancing foods for before, during, and after your kids’ sports competitions.