Ashley Swendsen seemed to be playing the lead character in one of those bad made-for-TV movies yesterday. The 26-year-old pregnant woman was hiking in Cottonwood Creek in Colorado Springs when a bear began following her. She started to walk away, but soon began running and screaming for help, saying that nobody could hear her, according to her account in The Denver Post. Then, when she ran into the street, she was struck by a slow-moving car. The elderly driver checked on Swendsen and mysteriously fled the scene before police arrived and the bear attempted a get-away. Wildlife agents claimed to have found the bear in question, tranquilizing it and taking a photo of it for her to identify, according 7News, which has pictures of the bear. Colorado Division of Wildlife workers then put down the bear, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. Swendsen, who was later hospitalized, did not suffer any serious injuries and plans to give her child, boy or girl, the middle name “Bear,” according to The Associated Press (via The Washington Post). Swendsen, although frightened, doesn’t believe the bear intended to harm her.