Upon learning from the Denver Post that Karl Rove said President Bush would exercise the first veto of his presidency to nuke the stem cell research bill, co-sponsored by Rep. Diana DeGette, the Denver Congresswoman requested a sit-down with the President to discuss the bill. He has turned her down flat, and she is angry.

DeGette was livid, firing off an angry statement in response. “It’s regrettable that President Bush will not even grant us the common courtesy of a meeting to discuss stem cell research,” DeGette said. “However, it’s downright insulting that, at the same time, he sent his head political adviser to my hometown with a veto threat.”

Here’s what Bush’s letter said:

“Although the president would appreciate meeting with you, we are unable to accommodate your request. Thank you for understanding,” the White House wrote in a four-sentence letter DeGette received today. The letter did not explain why Bush declined the meeting.