President Bush is on a whirlwind tour through many states to shore up support for his Social Security plan. Monday he arrives in Colorado.

Bush has scheduled a “conversation on strengthening Social Security” at the Wings Over the Rockies museum at the former Lowry Air Force Base, White House regional spokesman Allen Abney said.

His approval rating on the plan are nothing to write home about.

A recent Associated Press poll found 37 percent of Americans like his approach, while a majority, 56 percent, disapprove of his handling of Social Security. A similar number opposed the creation of personal accounts.

One of the problems Bush faces is with his acknowledgement that he has no plan:

THE PRESIDENT: First of all, Dave, let me, if I might correct you, be so bold as to correct you, I have not laid out a plan yet, intentionally. I have laid out principles, I’ve talked about putting all options on the table, because I fully understand the administration must work with the Congress to permanently solve Social Security. So one aspect of the debate is, will we be willing to work together to permanently solve the issue.

Colorado Congresswoman Diana Degette calls him on the carpet over his Social Security Non-Plan: (received via e-mail.):

“Today, the President said he was not interested in political games. If that is the case, he should talk straight to the people of Colorado – and the nation – about exactly what he wants to do to Social Security.

To this point, the President’s only proposal is to add $2 trillion to the deficit, slash benefits for future retirees and make saving for retirement much more risky. He insists on privatizing the program even though he admits it will not help the long term solvency of Social Security. That’s simply unacceptable.

As the President of the United States and the leader of the party that controls Congress, the onus is on him. Either he can sit down with Democratic leaders of the House and the Senate and craft a truly bipartisan solution, which we are willing to do, or he can step up to the plate and tell America what his solution is.”