President Barack Obama will visit Denver on Tuesday as part of his ongoing road trip to convince Americans that the $790 billion economic stimulus plan will create jobs and help consumers, according to The Associated Press, which notes the trip comes as members of the House and Senate are expected to iron out and vote on the last details of the massive spending, financial rescue, and tax relief package today. Colorado has a list of about $1.6 billion in highway projects it wants to fund, according to News13 in Colorado Springs, including full reconstruction of a stretch of U.S. Highway 36 near Boulder. But the list of projects needs to be finalized by transportation commissioners, and Colorado expects to get only about $425 million in highway funds and another $100 for transit. For a wish list of what your mayor has asked for, check out this breakdown from Stimulus Watch. Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn’t happy as her fellow Dems in the Senate are poised to toss aside money for school construction “to placate key Republicans,” according to The New York Times.