Both Senators Barack Obama and John McCain will be campaigning in Colorado on Monday. Again? Obama was just here for the Democratic National Convention, and McCain and Palin were here Saturday.

What gives? We’re a swing state and it’s a close race. We really matter this year.

In the latest Rasmussen/Fox News Colorado poll, taken after both conventions, the results are Obama 49 percent, McCain 46 percent, a statistical dead heat:

While Obama is ahead, McCain is viewed more positively. Sixty-one percent (61%) of Colorado voters have a favorable opinion of the Republican while 54% say the same about the Democratic hopeful. For McCain, that figure reflects a five percentage point gain over the past month while Obama’s numbers are unchanged.

The most important issues to voters were the economy and national security, respectively.

The campaigns haven’t yet identified the cities the candidates will visit Monday. Obama has 16 campaign offices in the state, and McCain has nine. Both are reaching out to undecided voters, and since we seem to have a lot of them around the state, it’s anybody’s guess right now where they will appear.

You can get updated information as we get closer to Monday on their respective websites: John and Barack