I went to a birthday party for one of my best girlfriends last night at Sketch in Cherry Creek. She’s a total girlie-girl, so the theme for the night was “pretty princesses.” Think tiaras, fake jewels, and lots of white wine. (If you forgot to bring your own tiara, the hostesses provided extras so that no pretty princesses were left out.)

We gathered in the private dining room in the back of the restaurant, and it’s a perfect spot for a party. They set it up with a scattering of tall cocktail tables for easy moving and mingling, and there was even a private bar set up in the corner of the room (keep that vino coming, people!). Plus, just to make us all feel like proper VIP royalty, there’s a separate entrance to the parking lot behind the building — wouldn’t want to be accosted by all those plebians out front, would we? — and the space even includes separate, private restrooms for both princesses and their prince charmings. Pretty cool, in this princess’s humble opinion.

Later in the evening as the party wound down, we wandered out to the main bar and spilled out onto the front patio to chat up the remaining late-night scenesters. Though it was great to have the privacy and seclusion of the VIP room, there’s certainly something to be said for meeting the just-plain-peeps at the bar.