When convicted former Qwest executive Joe Nacchio appeared in court in Denver earlier this month, he had abandoned his clean-shaven corporate look for a shaved head and thick mustache and goatee. At the early May hearing, he received a formal attendance waiver for his June resentencing, allowing him to stay at a minimum-security prison camp at Schuylkill Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania. There’s only one problem: Nacchio has been in limbo, waiting to be taken back. He filed an emergency motion earlier this week, asking to be returned to the Pennsylvania prison by today, according to The Denver Post. To attend the hearing in Denver, Nacchio, 60, claims he’s been made to endure eight days in solitary confinement amid a three-week road trip to prisons in the Midwest and upstate New York, according to BusinessWeek. He was even taken to a facility in Brooklyn, where he claims he was denied his medication and could not receive visitors. After U.S. District Judge Marcia Krieger, in Denver, ordered May 4 that Nacchio be returned to his prison as “expeditiously as possible,” he has responded in May 26 court filings that he “remains in transit with no indication when he will be returned.” Nacchio says trips to Denver force him to miss visits from his family, including his ill, 92-year-old mother, and that he serves as a Catholic Eucharistic minister in prison and teaches Sunday services that don’t happen when he’s not there.