Last fall, three members of the Bingham family, including two little children, were killed while crossing a street in downtown Denver. The driver and his passenger never stopped and fled the scene. Hours later, they were apprehended. Today, the passenger Eric Snell, pleaded guilty to three felony counts and one misdemeanor charge and as part of a plea deal, he will receive probation and testify against the driver, Lawrence Trujillo. Frank Bingham, the surviving family member, supported the deal.

Frank Bingham lowered his head and clutched the hands of a friend and of a victim’s advocate as Snell pleaded guilty. Outside the courtroom, Bingham said the guilty plea was gratifying. “We have a long way to go,” he said. “This is a first step.”

Could the D.A. not make the case against Trujillo without Snell’s testimony? Or is his testimony just added insurance for a conviction? It doesn’t appear the case against Snell was shaky.

His attorney, Harvey Steinberg, said the agreement was fair. “Clearly, his conduct would have met the elements of the offenses and, in all likelihood,” he would have been convicted, Steinberg said.

Sounds to me like Harvey did a great job.