Fashionistas looking to get a head start on the New Year by arranging their closets and tidying their homes may need longer than just a weekend—and more hands—to get it all done. Enter Lecia Fearing, a 20-year fashion retail veteran who launched her home organization business, Leave it to Lecia, in April. Although Fearing can provide household management expertise (setting up office maintenance programs for de-cluttering, taking care of pets, and making appointments), her real passion is being a personal stylist. Along with offering expert advice on wardrobe looks (what best complements your size, shape, and personality), Fearing will also create mood books so that you can easily put outfits together. Plus, she’ll guide you through the dreaded seasonal closet cleanout to get rid of what you’re not wearing. Conclusion: Leave the details to Lecia and get on with the more fun parts of your life.

Details: Rates start at $35 per hour

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