We realize that we devote most of our fashion coverage to women, but even guys have wardrobe dilemmas. So, boys, with our recent wave of spring-like weather, why not go ahead and shop early for next season? Start transitioning that winter wardrobe with an easy makeover, like a new tie from one of the best resources we’ve discovered: thetiebar.com. Our current pick from the site—it’s also a GQ staple (yes, there’s some real men’s cred here)—is a bold madras plaid. It may be a preppy signature, but a madras tie offers just enough color and pattern to wake up your neutral basics. Just remember: When wearing anything madras, keep the rest of the look simple (pair it with, say, a navy V-neck sweater or cardigan, a crisp white shirt, and jeans) and don’t mix patterns or—God forbid—wear multiple madras items. Bonus: At $15 a pop, you can buy two.