Morning Fresh Dairy in Bellvue bottles the perfect summer night’s treat: 100 percent natural—free of artificial flavors, pesticides, and preservatives—root-beer-flavored milk.

It all started when general manager Matt Lucas was looking to create a new novelty flavored milk, something different than the mighty chocolate. Experiments with Orange Creamsicle, candy apple, and other “wild flavors” were unsuccessful. For years, Lucas and his family had frequented CooperSmith’s Pub & Brewing in nearby Fort Collins, where his kids loved the root beer—and that’s where he finally found the inspiration he needed. CooperSmith, Lucas discovered, handmade its own root beer syrup. Realizing this was just what the dairy needed, he struck a deal to have a variant of the syrup created specifically for their latest product.

Root-beer milk isn’t new. It has made cameos in dairy aisles off and on for years. But it’s been sporadic and rarely done well, which is what makes Morning Fresh’s variety even more notable. Lucas says the dairy can barely produce enough to keep the shelves stocked. In other words, get a move on and buy some.

Where to Find It: Pick up a quart of the returnable glass bottle at Whole Foods Market or Marczyk Fine Foods. Don’t forget to add the scoop of vanilla ice cream.