What are the odds? Seems like every other month lately there is some kind of prom party, but having two on one night is getting into overkill territory. Coming up on June 17 are two separate prom parties for the adult party-crasher crowds, but these two bashes have very different themes. Crashing Prom 2006 is a fundraiser for the Gathering Place, with a full bar, hipster DJs from Mile High House, and custom-made crowns for the Prom King and Queen made by local sculpture artist Sean Doherty. It’s the sort of party that lets you relive your prom night — wearing your original clothes if they still fit — or to recreate a better version the second time around. Groups are ordering limos, booking dinners and hotels, and planning to get a little tipsy and dance the night away. The other event is going to the dogs. And I mean that literally. Bring the pups (prom attire optional for both you and poochy) to The Barkway Doggie Day Care that evening, and expect pet psychics, pet portraits, and doggie comedy acts. This one benefits Harrison Memorial animal hospital, and has very little to do with prom night — although some of us gals may have had a slobbery-but-cute date for prom in a completely different sense. Much as I love my furball, I’m thinking that Crashing Prom is more my style. I’d better start digging around to find something to wear though; I know for sure that my old prom dress won’t fit, but I may have one or two hideous bridesmaid’s confections shoved in a closet somewhere. Then again, maybe there’s a really good reason you only wear certain dresses once.