About 50 mountain residents came to Denver today to protest the plan to implement tolls on I-70.

Rep. Christine Scanlan, D-Dillon, said the sponsors, Sen. Chris Romer and Senate Minority Leader Andy McElhany, have “inflicted” the proposal on people in the mountains without talking to them first. “We may be from the hills, but we know what we’re doing. This is our Main Street,” Scanlan said, standing next to a protester dressed in a ski jacket, goggles and helmet.

Dubbed the “skipole rebellion,” the group’s protest coincide with hearings today on the proposal. Background on the toll options is here. There’s Romer’s plan “to charge tolls on I-70 between the foothills and the Eisenhower Tunnel during peak weekend traffic hours.” There’s Senate Minority Leader Andy McElhany’s plan to “charge a $5 toll each way at the Eisenhower Tunnel. Summit and Clear Creek county residents would be exempt from the tolls.”

I just took the poll at the Denver Post. Right now, 52% oppose tolls, 17% favor Romer’s plan and 19% favor McElhany’s.

What say you?