Order the Cake and Shake at D Bar, and you’ll be faced with the tough choice of deciding which flavor of milkshake you’d like (chocolate, vanilla, or raspberry) to accompany the slice of chocolate cake. On a recent visit, however, I was feeling adventurous, so I asked for a suicide of all three. For anyone not acquainted with the term, it generally refers to putting every flavor of soda into one cup—usually more of a dare than a drink choice.

My server said he would see what he could do. When he returned with a layered Neapolitan of sorts, he instructed me not to tell anyone for fear that everyone would order it. But keeping this delicious combination a secret would be a shame. As you might imagine, the three flavors complemented and balanced each other, and the triple-threat shake was the hit of the night. It might not be standard (or necessarily even allowed), but this combo is my new go-to.

494 E. 19th Ave., 303-861-4710