Maybe inspired by Hillary’s pantsuit from last night, several of her remaining, stubborn supporters were dressed in orange this morning. Despite Clinton’s call for her backers to get behind Obama, ten or so ladies were still marching along the pedestrian mall, chanting, “Who won the popular vote? Hillary!” (Who has an irrelevant chant? PUMA!) One woman refused to share her name, saying PUMAs had received “death threats and more than death threats” after their names showed up in print speaking in support of Clinton (The lady did say she wasn’t from Colorado). “Hillary can say whatever she wants,” the woman said, referring to the candidate’s acknowledgment that she isn’t the party’s nominee, “but I’ve done a lot of research on Barack Obama, and I just don’t think he’d make a good president.”

The PUMAs will start to thin out now that the delegate vote has happened, and a few said they wouldn’t make up their minds on who they’ll support in November until the debates. In the meantime, the morning mall march was a little last hurrah. In other mall news, pedicabs are cleaning up this week, charging visitors two dollars a block to ride up and down the street.