This week, Congress held a hearing on stem cell research. Friday morning, Rep. Diana DeGette will hold a question and answer session on Colorado Confidential from 11 – 11:30 a.m. According to Rep. DeGette, the problem is this:

“Every time there’s a new discovery in some other type of research, the Bush administration and its allies say it’s a substitute for embryonic stem cell research, so I really want to bring researchers in to talk about how all of this research is complementary and you can’t take one type of research out of the equation.” DeGette said.

After the hearing, DeGette wrote:

Over the past year there have been many important developments in the field of cell-based scientific research. One thing that has become clear is that no one can predict which line of research will produce the next breakthrough. All research is important, and should be supported as long as it adheres to certain ethical guidelines.

I am working to establish an ethical framework for all forms of stem cell research. This hearing highlighted the amazing advancements that have been made through adult stem cell research and the unbelievable potential of breakthroughs that will come from embryonic stem cell research.

Tomorrow’s q and a will include a discussion of the hearing and the issues surrounding ethical stem cell research.