Around late June or early July—it is tough to pinpoint exactly when—Colorado Rockies fans took to social media to declare their support for the team’s young left-handed pitcher, Kyle Freeland. They didn’t do so with any sort of over-the-top antics or wild proclamations, though. No, the approval manifested itself in a more casual way, as countless fans shared one simple declarative sentence: “I’m a Kyle Freeland guy.”

If you are a Rockies fan, it’s hard not to be a Kyle Freeland guy or gal. The second-year player is having one of the best seasons by a pitcher in the team’s 25-year history. He has quickly become the ace for a team fighting to make two straight playoff appearances for the first time ever. And if that wasn’t enough, he is also a Denver native. It’s the story of the hometown kid making good for his favorite childhood team.

Now, every time the 25-year-old Thomas Jefferson High School graduate takes the mound for the Rockies, Twitter and Instagram are flooded with Kyle Freeland guys and gals. (Just search it on one of those platforms. You’ll see what we mean.) Shirts have been made. Even the Rockies players have gotten in on the fun. “I’m a huge Kyle Freeland guy. Big time!” Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado told the Colorado Springs Gazette in early July.

Despite everyone’s enthusiasm, no one has actually defined what it means to be a Kyle Freeland guy. (Being a Rockies fan might be a good start.) When Kyle Freeland himself was asked by what a Kyle Freeland guy is, he said, “I have no idea what a Kyle Freeland guy is.” He doesn’t even know. And he’s Kyle Freeland!  

Sensing the potential confusion, we decided to make a quiz. So here it is: Our highly unscientific, eight-question quiz to help you determine whether or not you are indeed a Kyle Freeland guy or gal. (Instructions for how to tabulate your score are located at the bottom of the quiz.)

1. Are you a Rockies fan?
A) Ha! No, what a sad excuse for a professional sports franchise.
B) I recently moved here from California. The games are fun to go to, but it’s not like the team will ever be good.
C) Yeah, the Rockies are solid, but I’m really more excited for Broncos season.
D) Of course! Have you seen Kyle Freeland pitch? The kid is incredible. Talk about a future All-Star. You might say that Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story are decent at baseball, too.

2. How do you feel about the color purple?
A) Gross
B) Indifferent
C) Rockies colors, woooo!
D) It’s the color most often associated with royalty, and Kyle Freeland is my king. True story: When Kyle Freeland takes the mound wearing his most majestic robes (aka the Rockies purple uniforms), he is nearly unbeaten.

3. Which statement most closely aligns with your feelings toward this picture?

A) I am a San Francisco Giants fan and this picture reminds me of when the Rockies swept us in early July.
B) I skimmed the first half of the article. Not quite sure who this is. Kyle Freeland, maybe?
C) It makes me moderately excited.
D) I look at this picture every morning before I leave my house. It gives me strength and hope, and always brings a smile to my face.

4. Would you describe Coors Field as a pitcher- or hitter-friendly ballpark?
A) Not sure. It’s really a miracle I made it this far into this absurd quiz.
B) Pitcher friendly?
C) Hitter friendly. Why is this even a question?
D) It depends on who is pitching. If it’s Kyle Freeland, who has a 2.18 ERA this season at Coors Field, it’s pitcher friendly. If it’s any other pitcher in the history of time, it’s definitely hitter friendly.

5. Who is the best pitcher in Rockies history?
A) The Rockies have had no good pitchers. Ever. What a silly question.
B) I don’t know. Wasn’t that Todd Helton guy really good for them one year?
C) I always liked Jeff Francis. Also, Ubaldo Jimenez was pretty solid.
D) …

6. Which of these describes your ideal evening?
A) Attending a satanic ritual
B) Netflix and chill
C) I thought this was supposed to be a quiz about the Rockies.
D) I am happiest when I get to watch Kyle Freeland make Major League baseball players look like little leaguers.
E) None of the above. The person who made this quiz appears to have weird priorities.

7. How do you typically make a friend feel better when they are down?
A) I don’t deal with other people’s feelings.
B) Try to say something nice, I guess.
C) Take them to a baseball game.
D) …

8. What’s your favorite month of the year?
A) February. I have no soul and love the dead of winter.
B) December. I am a big fan of Christmas.
C) April. It’s the start of baseball season, duh.
D) Rocktober. Also, this doesn’t directly relate to the question, but Matt Holliday was safe during the play-in game against the San Diego Padres in 2007.

Scoring: Give yourself 4 points for every question you responded D; 3 for C; 1 for B; -5 for A; and 0 for E, because if you felt that way about the quiz you likely aren’t with me anymore.

28–32= You are without a doubt a Kyle Freeland guy.
20–28= You are probably a Kyle Freeland guy—maybe just a little more rational than the diehard Kyle Freeland guys.
10–20= Deep down you are a Kyle Freeland guy. You just don’t realize it yet.
0–10= Things in your life are probably pretty bleak. Don’t worry, there’s still time for you to make drastic changes and become a Kyle Freeland guy.
<0 = We don't even know where to begin.

Shane Monaghan
Shane Monaghan
Shane Monaghan is the former digital editor of and teaches journalism at Regis Jesuit High School.