The last thing the University of Colorado needs is another scandal, but one is brewing. The NAACP held a press conference Friday to lambast the University over charges of racism.

In the past month, black students at the school have reported escalating tensions and threats against them: According to CU, on March 9th, a black student leader received an anonymous note containing racial slurs. Last week, a black student punched a white student during a lecture after the white student called him the N-word. And there have been several incidents of racist graffiti and name calling – all occurring since the Black Student Government Conference was held at the school in mid-February.

CU responds that it has a zero-tolerance policy on racism but acknowledges the incidents and promises steps to change it.

“As a university, we’re deeply troubled by what’s happened on our campus,” said Ron Stump, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. “We know it’s more than just individual incidents. We know we also have to deal with the culture.”

There are 25,000 students at CU and only 391 of them are African-American. What is the admissions program doing to encourage diversity? Whatever it is, it’s not enough.