If you’re listening to the radio in Denver this weekend, you may hear some ads criticizing Rep. Marilyn Musgrave for her connections to Rep. Tom DeLay. Move-On.Pac , a liberal political action committee, begain running the ads yesterday.

Musgrave, of Fort Morgan, defended her ties to DeLay, saying he’s a talented political leader who has pushed a successful agenda through Congress. “I support Tom Delay because of his success and stewardship in creating change, which, as a result, have made him a prime target for several slanderous claims,” she said.

Though her district is considered solidly Republican, her party has deemed the her one of the 10 most vulnerable House members in the 2006 election. Musgrave has received $30,000 from DeLay’s Americans for a Republican Majority PAC, including $10,000 this year. Another liberal group, Public Campaign Action Fund, ranked her 36th among House members most closely tied to DeLay.