While the temperatures plummet and the snow refuses to melt, I find myself craving a steaming bowl of Sachi Sushi’s ramen soup. The only drawback: I have to hold out until Sunday (11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.) because that’s when Niwot shop owner Tsukasa Hibino makes his Kyushu-style ramen. On that day, he offers three versions: shio (salt), spicy miso, and my personal favorite, shoyu (soy).

The shoyu arrives with a tangle of eggy noodles in a comforting umami-rich broth. Topping the bowl is a collection of tender pork, pickled ginger, nori, scallions, half of a hard-boiled egg, and a slice of magenta and snowy-white narutomaki fishcake. Bites of each component mixed with the broth offer nothing but comfort.

During the week, Sachi Sushi serves other noteworthy dishes. While I find the sushi ho-hum (surprising for the Osaka-born Hibino who worked for years at Sushi Tora), the grilled black cod is exceptionally buttery and delicate, and the sesame-rich Korean barbecue beef bowl (pictured) will thaw winter’s chill.

7980 Niwot Road (inside the Niwot Market), Niwot, 303-652-0238