Rant: I’m tired of playing chicken.

Last month, I ranted about the recent spike in hit-and-run accidents. Unfortunately, they haven’t stopped, and I predict the next intersection to be surrounded by red-and-blue lights will be at 14th and Blake streets, right next to the firehouse. If you haven’t engaged in this deathtrap of an intersection—stay away. Each time I walk across the crosswalk, I question my strategy.

If you cross north-south on the west side of the intersection, you risk being pancaked by a car coming from the double-turning lane of drivers who don’t look up to see you or the blinking “person is walking” sign. If you cross north-south on the east side, it’s always the “it’s only been red for three seconds” light blower who threatens to mow you down. But, don’t worry. They’ll be able to say they didn’t see you because they are also chronic text-and-drivers.

Pedestrians shouldn’t have to sport neon yellow vests and handheld stop signs when they have a right to the crosswalk. We shouldn’t be collateral damage to a driver’s need to get somewhere five seconds faster. Truth is, I’m just tried of playing chicken. Aren’t you?

Rave: Warm cookies and cold milk just in time for bed? Yes, please.

Sometimes after a night out I just want a good snack. As in, a warm batch of homemade baked goods. Unless you’ve got the time or energy (or, for some, the sobriety) to whip up a batch of chocolaty, melty goodness at midnight, you usually just rummage through the refrigerator for last night’s leftovers. Those who live near downtown will be happy to know the midnight kitchen rampage is not longer needed.

The Dirty Cookie is a Thursday through Saturday night, on-demand bedtime snack delivery service. They’ll bake up favorites like chocolate chip, sugar, and—my personal favorite—peanut butter treats that hit the cookie sheet as soon as you call. And, the Dirty Cookie is all about supporting other local businesses, which is a nice touch. Need milk? They offer four varieties (including chocolate!) from Robinson Dairy. A late-night companion wants ice cream? Order pints of 10 varieties from Boulder Ice Cream.

All you have to do is place your order (via phone or online from 8 p.m.-3 a.m.) and these cookie fairies will deliver the sweet treats you crave before your head hits the pillow.

The Dirty Cookie, 303-586-1945, dirtycookie.co

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

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