Rant: Iced Tea-Flavored Beer.

Say it ain’t so, Coors. Please tell me we didn’t just finish reading a story in Time magazine about you guys brewing beer that tastes like iced tea. What’s this? You’re calling it Coors Light Iced T? You’re not going to spell out “tea?” You know the Centennial State has a good thing going with beer. Why dent that reputation by releasing something so very un-beer like? You guys were on the right track with Batch 19; it is a solid brew. Maybe we should just take off our beer-purist hats and lighten up. (Yes, a can of Coors on a hot day can really hit the spot.) But as popular as Colorado craft brew is, you are still the most nationally recognizable Colorado beer brand. Because of that, we can’t shake the feeling that this latest announcement means that somewhere, someone is going to hear the words “Colorado beer” and think Coors Light Iced T. That scares us.

Rave: The Colorado Rapids Season Starts this Weekend.

I love soccer. I played the sport extensively as a kid, which is to say that I understand the game more than most people. And while soccer has gained thousands of U.S. fans in the last decade, it still lags behind our country’s sports juggernauts because it is misunderstood. I have plenty of intelligent, sports-centric friends who downright loathe soccer. They find it boring, even un-American. (Just the other day a co-worker declared his allegiance to the flag when I brought up my fondness for fútbol.) And yet, those same people are quick to declare a pitchers duel in a baseball game must-see action. I get it: It’s a thing of beauty watching two pitchers, inning after inning, throw precisely and confuse batters into behaving like statues instead of actively participating in an at-bat. I get it. But soccer, too, is a game of patience. This is also beautiful: Watching a team meticulously work the ball around the field to gain a subtle positional advantage so that it is easier to penetrate an opponent’s back line when an opening presents itself. Now that the Colorado Rapids are back in season this weekend (we recently caught up with their new coach), I’m looking forward to watching the beautiful game in person again.