Rave: The Denver Broncos made the playoffs!

If you thought the Broncos would win the AFC West this season, raise your hand. Liars. Denver’s improbable run hit the skids the past three games, but the Broncos are still a playoff team. And after a 1-4 start, that ain’t half-bad.

Rant: The Denver Broncos made the playoffs?

Apparently the Denver Broncos’ bandwagon needs backup lights, because that’s exactly what the city’s football team did this past weekend: back into the playoffs. A Broncos’ loss to Kansas City—followed by a loss by the AFC West’s second-place Oakland Raiders—ensured the Tim Tebow-led Orange Mush offense its first playoff appearance since the 2005-2006 season. But even with the excitement of a home game in January, this weekend’s tilt against the Pittsburgh Steelers comes with a side of fatalism: If Tebow completed only six of 22 passes against the lowly Kansas City Chiefs, what’s gonna happen when he faces the NFL’s best defense?

—Image Courtesy of the Denver Broncos and Ben Hays