Rant: Why do people wear the wrong team’s gear to sporting events?

You’ve all seen this: The guy decked out in Broncos gear at a Rockies game. Or someone wearing a Nuggets hat while tailgating for the Rapids. Or a flash of powder blue in a sea of orange. You might be that guy.

So, what gives Denver? Why can’t Mile High City fans wear the right team gear to the right sporting event?

Are these cross-sport dressers saying they support Denver sports…but not so much that they want to support the team they’re watching? Do they need to do the laundry?

It’s heartbreaking enough to go to the Pepsi Center or Coors Field and see the transplants wearing jerseys from places they’ve lived. It’s even worse to be sandwiched between that ardent fan and the guy you’re not sure can tell the difference between baseball and basketball based on his shirt choice.

Tell us: Is this acceptable?

Rave: Fake leaves on dead trees in LoDo.

Too often, we forget all of the hard work that it takes to keep our city’s streets clean and green. The BID workers who sweep up debris on the 16th Street Mall. The crews that water the city’s flower displays. The good Samaritans who stop to pick up litter. Or, the jovial person who bedecked some dead LoDo trees with fake leaves (pictured). Sure, I’d rather see a thriving tree, but I have to chuckle at yet another effort to keep our city “green.”

Natasha Gardner
Natasha Gardner
Natasha Gardner is a Denver-based writer and the former Articles Editor for 5280.