It’s cold and snowy out, and the “let it snow” part of the year has just passed. Now we’re faced with the harsh reality of winter… for weeks to come.

If you, like me, are more of a summer person than a winter one (I gave up snowboarding after shattering my left wrist in 2003, and you can only do so much apres-ski without the ski part), then this is the time of year to seek out other ways to channel the summer sunshine.

Take reggae music. It can be a full-blown blizzard outside, but you’ll be feeling irie, mon, in no time at all. Close your eyes, groove to the steel drums, and visualize the Caribbean.

So where in our lovely icicle of a town do you find an island oasis? This Friday night, turn to Dulcinea’s 100th Monkey at Colfax & Clarkson for Lion Vibes. (sidebar: Need to kill some time? Read the story about the monkey on the Dulcinea’s website. Heavy, man. Like, totally intense stuff, dude.) This little acid-jazz enclave has a decidedly hippie vibe and a warm, friendly neighborhood atmosphere.

For the northsiders, hit the Republic of Boulder (formerly Oasis Brewery) every Tuesday for Reggae in the Republic. I haven’t been, but I’m betting the warm fuzzy vibes are every bit as thick as Bob Marley’s dreads, may he rest in peace.

And if you haven’t caught them, local band Lion Souljahs plays the metro area regularly; catch them next Friday the 21st at Herb’s Hideout, and Saturday the 29th at the Mercury Cafe for a tsunami relief benefit. Of course, the February 4 party at Herman’s Hideaway for Bob Marley’s birthday is sure to be all about good vibes and laid back grooves, a must-hit for any reggae lover.