What to do, what to do.

My current quandary is not necessarily a complex one, yet it requires careful consideration. You see, I have two wildy different options as to what to do tonight. I want to make both, but it would exceedingly difficult (but not impossible) to do so.

Option 1. Tonight is the second annual edition of the fabulous wine and seafood festival in Riverfront Park called Surf on Turf. It promises to be a wonderful way to spend a viciously hot summer evening. Think clam bakes, lots o’ lobster, wine tastings, a fashion show, and plenty of Denver’s It Kids cruising around in their best resort wear ensembles. The downside is that last year when I went, I came away very hungry. They do a strange sort serving method where you buy food tickets, and exchange them for small almost-appetizer size samplings from the likes of Zengo, Tamayo, Avenue Grill, Swimclub 32, Sparrow, Palomino, and Willie G.’s Oyster House. Don’t get me wrong; the food is very tasty. And the food is only part of this party. They’ll have Brazilian samba music, Caribbean steel drums, a beachwear fashion show, an art show, and of course, many cocktail options readily available.

Option 2. This is where I start wondering if I can actually swing both of these events. Tonight is the Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks, affectionately known as Rave on the Rocks. It was officially known as Rave on the Rocks for its first year – before the city had a conniption over the “rave” connotation of the name. Silly city officials. Changing the name will not, I repeat NOT, change the amount of illicit substances consumed by those who choose to do so. But back to the event itself. We’re talking Paul Oakenfold, Junkie XL, Bad Boy Bill, and plenty more big-name international DJs who will throw down trance, techno and house beats for a twelve-hour dance party. I’ll probably skip the dance-til-5 a.m. after party at the Gothic Theatre later, but I’m thinking a couple of killer sets under the stars sounds pretty damn rockin’ right about now.

So. My social conundrum, in a nutshell, is a common problem in the summertime. There are too many cool event going on to make them all.

Or… can I? I’m tempted to give it a whirl. Lil’ seafood, lil’ cocktailing, then bail early and zip up the hills to Red Rocks to dance off those unwanted calories… it could happen.