Wheat Ridge car dealer Phil Wolf believes President Barack Obama might just be a jihadist. In Wolf’s world, the president still lacks a legitimate birth certificate, despite evidence to the contrary, and the president might be connected to the shooting massacre at the Fort Hood U.S. Army post. Those are the messages Wolf advertises in a billboard that he erected at his used-car lot, triggering accusations of racism (via The Huffington Post).

Denver Post columnist Mike Littwin calls the “birther” message at the center of the billboard the “strangest conspiracy theory since the Trilateral Commission days,” expressing utter confusion as to why the billboard slams Obama as traitorous with its message: “Wake up America! Remember Fort Hood!”

The controversy is snaring innocent bystanders, including Wolf Auto Sales of northeastern Colorado and western Nebraska, which received multiple calls and e-mails about the billboard, although it is not affiliated with Wolf Auto Group of Wheat Ridge (via dscriber).

As for Phil Wolf, he tells 9News he’s received threats: “We’ve had calls as far as Canada to Florida. We’ve had calls all over the country. I didn’t expect employees to leave scared going home from work that were threatened, death threats and attempts to bomb the place. It’s been pretty crazy out there.”

Still, Wolf says he won’t back down. The Anti-Defamation League wishes he would, saying the billboard uses religious imagery to stereotype all Muslims.