Take a bow, Denver. This week, Forbes magazine says the Mile High City is among the nation’s 15 best when it comes to emerging downtowns. LoDo, in particular, is held up as a model for revitalization and public-private partnership.

As Forbes notes: “Denver, relative to the rest of the county, has been a faster growing city, with a population growing by about 1.3 percent per year, according to Moody’s Economy, and a 2012 that clocked 2.4 percent job growth and 3.3 percent economic growth.” Among other cities with emerging downtowns are Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Milwaukee.

While the Forbes piece doesn’t rank the cities, it positions them as highly marketable places for college-educated professionals between the ages of 25 to 34, who tend to want to live in “tight-knit urban neighborhoods that are close to work and have lots of entertainment and shopping options within an easy walk.”

—Image courtesy of Shutterstock