As the recession continues, I’ve noticed a new trend in my personal spending. While I’m as worried as ever about my own income, I feel equally responsible about where I spend my money. I hear plenty of opinions that the recession is weeding out weak businesses. Many proprietors are working harder than ever to appeal to new audiences, including Andy Schneidkraut at Albums on the Hill. As Boulder residents know, it’s the last independent record store standing in the People’s Republic, and the Boulder Weekly recently published an impassioned article on the shop’s importance. As a former Boulder resident, I often stopped into Schneidkraut’s store to talk about music for a nightlife column I used to write. Sure, shopping at music stores is less convenient than iTunes, and a bit more expensive, but I’ve always trusted and enjoyed his expertise. The situation at Albums on the Hill has me interested in learning where you readers are spending your money these days. On local meat? Denver-roasted coffee? Please share your consumer stamps of approval in the comments.