Today, Colorado became the place where recreational marijuana users who are at least 21 years old can (sort of) legally buy bud.

Of course, you might have some questions on the hows and whats of recreational pot use in the state—including laws, taxes, and other general stuff. Thankfully, lots of folks these past several months have been cranking out helpful lists of things you, as a potential consumer, should be aware of:

First, start with “Going Green” by Luc Hatlestad (December 2013), which gives you a comprehensive, A-Z guide of the topic. Also, see Hatlestad’s update on the piece here.

There is also this helpful guide from the Denver Post that answers commonly asked questions.

This piece from should be helpful to out-of-state folks who might want to make a trip here in the future.

For your sake, please don’t bring it on a plane.

Or to the ski slopes.

And remember: You’ll need to bring cash.

—Image courtesy of Shutterstock