Bennie Klain’s documentary on Denver’s controversial Columbus Day Parade begins in 2007 with two entrenched sides: the Sons of Italy, who see the explorer as a pioneering hero; and American Indians and their allies, who see him as a murderous slave trader, writes New West, which notes that the film goes on to give near-equal time to both. Columbus Day Legacy, which premiers Saturday at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in Montana, lowers the lens on some contentious actions, including re-enactors of the Third Colorado Calvary who parade on horses 1800s-style. If you’re familiar with state history, you know the cavalry was responsible for the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre in which 133 Native Americans, most of them women and children, were slaughtered in cold blood as they attempted to flee.

Meanwhile, the makers of a purely fictional flick have put out a casting call for zombies, reports the Loveland Connection. Zombies 2012: Genesis is intended to be a cross between 28 Days Later and Night of the Living Dead, with a dash of Deliverance.