By the looks of all the diners diving into great platters of seafood at Lafayette’s new Reelfish Fish & Chips, you would never know this community is about as landlocked as they come. But thanks to restaurant owner Daniel Wolfson, fish lovers in the western suburbs can choose from an extensive menu (10 varieties!) of fish and chips crafted from fresh, sustainable seafood.

Fresh cod, halibut, and—my go-to—haddock are ideal for the British dish, but Reelfish also offers mahi mahi, wild Pacific salmon, tilapia, oysters, shrimp, scallops, and calamari. Go for the jumbo shrimp, which are battered and fried (pictured), but can also be stuffed into po’boys, grilled, offered as a topping for salads, or combined with cod, haddock, and calamari in a generously portioned fish and chips combo.

While every option arrives battered to perfection, the chips need some work. A thicker cut and more seasoning would give them the heft and flavor to complement the mandatory dousing of malt vinegar.

Sip this: Although a bit pricey, the cold microbrew beers (either draft, canned, or bottled) and the tiny list of wines add oomph to your seafaring lunch or dinner.

2770 Arapahoe Rd., No. 112, Lafayette, 720-630-8053