It’s spring, which means you’ve either been working in the yard or cleaning your closets—tasks that, if you’re like me, leave you intensely hungry but not very motivated to cook. Next time your stomach is grumbling, stop by Las Tortas, the gourmet Mexican sandwich shop on Leetsdale Drive just west of South Holly Street.

For the uninitiated, tortas are sandwiches served warm on crusty sandwich rolls. Tortas typically come layered with mayonnaise, tomatoes, onion, fresh avocado, melted white cheese, chipotle sauce, a smear of refried beans, and your choice of filling (ham, pork, chorizo, fried egg, etc.).

On a recent so-hungry-I-can’t-wait-another-minute day, I opted for a torta filled with tender shredded pork carnitas, along with a side of Las Tortas spicy Gema sauce, a red-cream sauce perfect for dipping.

The enormous sandwich cost $7 and, despite my appetite, lasted two meals. (In other words, it’s perfect for splitting.)

Tip: If you’re in a hurry, call ahead. This is a popular spot, especially at the height of meal time.

5307 Leetsdale Dr., 720-379-7269