Are you a frequent traveler who hates the wait at airport security lines? Do you have relatively few qualms about providing the Government with more information about you? If so, the Clear Registered Traveler program may be for you.

Travelers interested in joining must visit the enrollment station to submit biometric data including fingerprints and iris photos. They also must agree to pay an annual fee of $100.

That information is then sent to the Transportation Security Administration, which performs a security threat assessment. Approved applicants are then issued cards containing their biometric data and can use checkpoint lanes specifically reserved for RT members, although they still must go through standard security checks. The application process typically takes about two weeks.

A company named Verified Identity is banking on consumer demand and has been awarded the Colorado contract. It opened for business today at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center. The company projects 50,000 members just from the Denver area.

Verified Identity said it has seen strong interest from local travelers since it won the contract to handle Denver International Airport’s RT program, scheduled to start in mid-January. Nearly 700 people in the Denver area have submitted online applications, which executives said is more than they expected at this point.

DIA expects to begin the program in mid-January. If you’d like a head start on the application process, visit