“Colorful” and “eclectic” are often used to describe Denver City Councilwoman Carla Madison, whose death late Tuesday evening has left the city grieving for a dear friend (Denver Post). The 54-year-old redhead was elected in 2007 as the first non-African-American to represent the Five Points neighborhood since the 1950s (9News). Governor John Hickenlooper is among the many city leaders to publicly express their heartache, remembering the time he and Madison shared when he was mayor of Denver: “Carla’s humor and good will permeated everything she touched. She could find a silver lining in almost anything…. There is and never was anyone like her.”

Madison, who was often spotted on her cruiser or scooter, earned her distinctive modifiers mainly because of her hair and wardrobe. Bike Denver pays tribute to her vivid character with a fitting photo. Madison, who died from colon cancer, is survived by her husband, and the city will post information on her services. Her council seat “is open to anyone who can mount a write-in campaign” for the May 3 city election (Post).