As Congresswoman Diana DeGette continues to earn national accolades for her sponsorship of the stem cell research bill, her compatriot, Rep. Bob Beauprez, is on the hot seat for his ties to embattled House Leader Tom DeLay.

Public Campaign Action Fund, which is tracking contributions made by DeLay to other Congressional campaigns, reports that Bob Beauprez has received $20,000.00, putting in the number two spot. He also contributed $1,000.00 to DeLay’s defense fund.

Public Campaign Action Fund, which has run television ads criticizing DeLay, based its ranking on the $20,000 in campaign funds Republican Beauprez has gotten from DeLay, the $1,000 Beauprez has given to DeLay’s legal defense fund and how their voting records match up.

Beauprez’ response? Who cares what an “attack group” thinks? Flash to Mr. Beauprez’s campaign manager: The voters care. Dismissing the charges based on their origin is not effective. Try a denial or an explanation.