The New York Times reports that the Denver Host Committee received a big gift last Friday. New York billionaire Tom Golisano donated $1 million to the Denver Host Committee, which has been responsible for securing funding for the Democratic National Convention.

Tom Golisano, the Rochester billionaire and registered Republican, donated $1 million on Friday to the host committee of the Democratic Party’s convention in Denver, making him one of the largest donors to the planning efforts surrounding the expected coronation of Barack Obama as the party’s nominee next week.

Golisano, the founder of Paychex, a payroll processing firm, unsuccessfully ran for governor of New York three times. He continues to be active in New York state politics and may hope his donation garners extra attention for his legislative agenda, which includes “cutting property taxes and overhauling redistricting.” He’s also impressed with Sen. Barack Obama. His adviser Steve Pigeon says:

Mr. Golisano…”is looking at Obama’s message of change and hope and is very down on the last eight years of what the Bush administration has done, especially the Iraq war.”

As for tangible benefits, Golisano will be treated to a skybox at Invesco Field and 50 additional tickets for Sen. Obama’s acceptance speech.